How to get a letter or package postmarked from the North Pole


NORTH POLE, AK – Once again this year, the U.S. Postal Service is offering North Pole postmarks on holiday mail. This is such a great treat for all your special kiddos. Send your kids a letter from Santa Claus to let them know he’s been watching. Or mail them a special book for you to read on Christmas Eve as a family. I’ve included the directions as well as the address to send your mail to. And don’t forget, they must receive it by December 10th.

Merry Christmas!

To receive the North Pole postmark on your holiday cards, you should:
Purchase stamps at any post office.
Affix the stamps to envelopes of your choice.
Address the sealed envelopes, with the cards enclosed, to those on your mailing list.

Mail them in a larger envelope, box, Priority Mail or Express Mail package to:

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

Requests must be received in Anchorage by Dec. 10 in order to ensure delivery by Christmas. The Postal Service receives hundreds of thousands of requests each year for North Pole postmarks from around the world. The service is provided at no cost. Each card or letter must have the correct amount of postage and be addressed.

Many communities around the country have local programs set up to respond to letters to Santa Claus. In North Pole Alaska, requests may be sent to – 1 Santa Claus Lane, North Pole AK 99705-9901. Check with your local post office or call 1-800-ASK-USPS.




DIY – Picture Flower Pots


We’re celebrating Mothers! I never feel like I tell my mother how great she is enough. I am always trying to tell her and show her how special the is to me. That’s why this week I am sharing ways to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives. Both my mother and my grandmother love flowers and gardening. So today we are going to create picture flower pots. They are super easy, but a little time consuming. But they are really cute gifts.

Clay Flower Pot & Dish
Acrylic Paint (color of your choice)
Picture(s) mother & daughter children, etc.
Modge Podge glue
Foam paint brushes

First paint clay flower pot your desired color. This will take several coats of paint. I recommend you let each coat dry before applying another one. Otherwise it will take longer to paint thoroughly. Set pot aside to dry.

Trim your photo or photos to the desired size. Once your pot is dry, choose the placement you want for you pictures. Once you have determined the placement, apply a healthy layer of modge podge on the back of your photos and apply them to your pot. Make sure all of your corners are smoothed out and there are no bubbles. Set aside to dry.

When the glue beneath the pictures has fully dried, it’s time to apply more modge podge across the entire surface of your pot. Apply a generous amount everywhere, even over the top of your picture(s). Even apply modge podge on the bottom and the top of the pot. Set aside and allow to dry.

I added a ribbon accent to the rim of my pots. So next trim your ribbon to the right size. Apply a healthy layer of modge podge to the back of your ribbon. Attach ribbon to the rim of your pot. Using your finger or your paint brush, smooth out any bumps in your ribbon. Set pot aside to dry.

Apply another layer of modge podge over your ribbon and around the entire rim of your pot. Set pot aside to dry.

Lastly, pick out your loved ones favorite type of flowers and plant them in your beautiful creation. And don’t forget to water it.

Decorating for Mother’s Day

I love decorating our house! It’s one of my favorite things to do. I love waking up and coming home to that’s festive and fun. So I try to decorate our house all year long. This year I decided to decorate for Mother’s Day, since this year is my first one as a mother. I really wanted to have fun with it, since May is usually a spare month in our hour. It’s usually bare until I start decorating for Memorial Day and our patriotic summer.

I have told you before that I love Subway Art. It is a fun and easy way to get festive. I found some links online to some really cute Mother’s day prints. It was so incredibly difficult to choose which ones to go with. I thought I would share all of them with you, so you can choose which ones you’d like to use to dress up your house. Like I have said in the past, just print them up and place them in a fun little picture frame.

Print Here

Print Here

Dollar Store Crafts Blog has some great links to quite a few Mother’s Day Subway Art printables. There are also some links to some cute and easy Mother’s Day cards. Check them out!

I also put together a couple of festive little Mother’s Day banners. My plain window banner I made out of paint swatches I picked up at Osh. It’s similar to the one I made for springtime. I also made a cute Mother’s Day Pennant for our living room table out of cardstock. I love hanging them around the house.

Decorate your house in honor of this amazing holiday. We all have special women in our lives. We should take the time to share our feelings and our love for for them. Decorating will help you get into the spirit and start feeling festive. Have fun!

Decorating for spring

Now that Easter has come and gone, it’s time to change things up around the house. I love to keep the house decorated, because it keeps me cheery on my drab days. Unfortunately, it’s too soon for me to break out all of my patriotic stuff. So it’s time to improvise. Since I don’t have a garden, I don’t have flowers at my fingertips to keep around the house. It took me a little while to get inspired, but I finally came up with a few ideas.

The other day I stopped by our local hardware store to pick up a watering can, and I grabbed some paint swatches to make a garland to hang across our windows. They are the perfect size to make a garland, which eliminates all that cutting. So I picked out some fun pastels in pink, purple, blue, and green and brought them home to play with. And this is what I came up with. All I used were paint swatches, ribbon, scissors, and a hole punch. Now look how festive my windows are.

Then I used my favorite website Pinterest to find some cute spring themed Subway Art. I like to print them up and put them in large picture frames to hang around the house. I find that it’s a cheap and easy way to spruce things up. These are the ones I chose.

I found this one on the Smile Like You Mean It blog.

I hung this one in our kitchen. I found it in a blog called Today’s Fabulous Finds – Tomorrows Treasures

I am still working on an idea for a springtime decoration for our front door. I hate to have it bare. I like to have something that screams “Welcome to our home.” That will be my project for our Monday visit to see my brother. I just love projects!

Developing my “Mommy Identity”

Becoming a mom has taken on a life of it’s own. Everyone always says you won’t quite understand until you have your first child, and I can honestly say that is true. I certainly didn’t. But here I am, amidst the chaos of new motherhood, and I have chosen to embrace this transformation. My first challenge was making it through the sleepless nights. Once I made that adjustment, everything else came naturally. Then it came time to develop my “mommy identity.” Who I wanted to be as a mom. It may sound weird, but I had to develop some ideals a mission statement of sorts.

So here is my promise as a transitioning mommy: I will develop weekly goals for me to accomplish both with and without my daughter. My husband and I will create our own Garcia family traditions to be incorporated with our own childhood family traditions. As a part of the family traditions, I will be develop a Garcia Family Cookbook that I can pass on to my children and the generations to come. I will try new kid and family friendly activities, because my husband and I are new to the scene. I will also challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone and try new methods of learning and growing as a person and mother. So be on the look out for the new additions to each of these areas as I attempt to develop my Mommy Identity. Some things I will excel at, while others I will fail miserably. But as I try on these new things, I challenge you to do the same as you develop your new Mommy Identities. And it’s never too late to change your Mommy Mission Statement. It is a work in progress.