Documenting your pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. It was an amazing journey of self discovery and growth. The ten months spent getting to know your body and watching it grow and change is unlike anything you can ever imagine. There are so many stages and phases, that it’s difficult to keep up with it all. We read books and consult with experts so we can know what to expect. But none of those resources seem to adequately prepare you for it all. Which is why I feel that it is imperative that you take steps to document such a momentous occasion. There are so many ways to do this. I recommend that you choose a method that speaks to you.

Pregnancy is filled with so many ups and downs, oddities, and excitement. We get so wrapped up in the festivities and preparations, it is difficult to imagine that we could ever forget any of it. But the truth is that later on in life we’re going to have trouble remembering the specifics. Documenting these milestones enables you to have a tangible reminder of these special moments. My favorite reason for creating these keepsakes, is the fact that I will be able to show my daughter how great the experience was for me. It will show her just how much I loved her long before she was born.

Here are some fantastic ideas for documenting your pregnancy….

Create a Baby Journal
Whether it’s a pre-made journal from a bookstore or a homemade one like mine, a Baby Journal is a great way to document your pregnancy. I wrote in mine almost every day of my pregnancy. I talked about everything – my hopes, dreams, feelings, likes, dislikes, holidays, cravings, family, friends, everything. I wrote in my journal all the time and I am so glad that I did, because now I have something to look back on. And so does my daughter.

The Mommy MeasureView Here
I stumbled upon this little keepsake by accident one day. You can buy them online. It’s a keepsake tape measure that allows you to measure your belly as it grows throughout your pregnancy. There are really cute stickers and a marker you can use to mark special milestones like your ultrasound, first kick, hearing the heartbeat, and much much more. At the top of the measuring tape there’s a place to record the birth statistics of your baby. Plus a place to document small milestones that happen each week. This was one of my favorite little keepsakes.

Create a Keepsake Box
Whether you buy a cute little box or a make one yourself, I urge you to save your momentos in one. This is probably the easiest way to document a pregnancy. It doesn’t require any creativity or imagination. All you have to do is store special cards, test results, menus, etc. in a cute little box, like a time capsule. It provides you with yet another opportunity to look back and remember this amazing time in your life.

Weekly Belly Photos
This is the newest craze in pregnancy documentation. Each week of your pregnancy, you take a creative photo of your growing belly. There are so many creative ways that women are doing this one. It’s so impressive! My favorite so far, are the ones where they display which week of pregnancy they’re at in some funky way, like on a chalkboard or whatever. At the end of your 40 week journey, you have a fabulous time release document of your belly’s progression. It’s pretty neat.

Baby Shower Quilt
This was my own personal keepsake that I came up with. At my baby shower, in lieu of games, I had all of my friends and family decorate individual quilt squares with fabric markers. They were able to do whatever they wanted. The last trimester of my pregnancy, I used my nesting period putting the quilt together and hand quilting it. When I was finished, I had an amazing keepsake and present to give to Aaliyah when she grows up. It’s a great project for all of you creative types. And a wonderful shower activity. My guests had a great time with it.

Pregnancy Photo Shoot
This is another way that pregnant women are reclaiming their femininity. In the past, most women had very few photos of themselves while they were pregnant. They avoided the reminders of just how much their bodies had changed. Nowadays, women are hiring photographer or going to photography studios to have creative shots taken of their bellys and pregnant bodies. Each more creative than the next. Husbands and young siblings are even getting in on the ritual. It’s a fun and creative way to capture this great moment in time (like engagement pictures), so you can look back on it.

So these are just a few of the fun ways to document your pregnancy. Choose one or several to complete, so you can look back years from now, and remember what an amazing yet weird time in your life this was. I promise you that you will not regret it. In fact, you’ll be thankful that you’ll have the record. Especially one day, thirty or so years from now, when you son or daughter is having their first child. You’ll be able to show them how special that moment was for you an how amazing it will be for them.