10 Things I loved about being pregnant

Tonight I was looking through all of our pictures on the computer. It’s one of my favorite things to do. When I came across my pregnancy photos, it got me thinking about how much I loved being pregnant. It was such an amazing experience.

These are my 10 Favorite Things about being pregnant

1. The prenatal vitamins strengthened my hair and nails. Everyday was a good hair day!

2. Feeling my baby girl moving around inside of my belly.

3. The sight of my belly brought a smile to people’s face.

4. Even total strangers were excited for me and would congratulate me.

5. Being able to wear pants with an elastic waistband. The holidays were great!

6. The random cravings out of nowhere.

7. Watching my husband’s eating habits and moods change along with mine.

8. Always having someone to talk to and sing to. I was never alone.

9. No matter how small a task, people were always impressed that I had completed it.

10. Not having to use harsh cleaning products.

What are some of your favorite things about being pregnant?

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