Decorating for Mother’s Day

I love decorating our house! It’s one of my favorite things to do. I love waking up and coming home to that’s festive and fun. So I try to decorate our house all year long. This year I decided to decorate for Mother’s Day, since this year is my first one as a mother. I really wanted to have fun with it, since May is usually a spare month in our hour. It’s usually bare until I start decorating for Memorial Day and our patriotic summer.

I have told you before that I love Subway Art. It is a fun and easy way to get festive. I found some links online to some really cute Mother’s day prints. It was so incredibly difficult to choose which ones to go with. I thought I would share all of them with you, so you can choose which ones you’d like to use to dress up your house. Like I have said in the past, just print them up and place them in a fun little picture frame.

Print Here

Print Here

Dollar Store Crafts Blog has some great links to quite a few Mother’s Day Subway Art printables. There are also some links to some cute and easy Mother’s Day cards. Check them out!

I also put together a couple of festive little Mother’s Day banners. My plain window banner I made out of paint swatches I picked up at Osh. It’s similar to the one I made for springtime. I also made a cute Mother’s Day Pennant for our living room table out of cardstock. I love hanging them around the house.

Decorate your house in honor of this amazing holiday. We all have special women in our lives. We should take the time to share our feelings and our love for for them. Decorating will help you get into the spirit and start feeling festive. Have fun!

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