Mommy Project Update – vegetable garden

Mommy Project – Vegetable Garden Update

On March 23, I shared with you that I was starting my own vegetable garden. I got bit by the gardening bug. My mother helped me pick out a bunch of seedlings, and I potted all of them in my pots. By that Friday afternoon, I had my potted patio vegetable garden assembled. I wasn’t under any illusions about my abilities to keep them alive. Although I was optimistic, I was a little cautious. I figured that if my initial seedlings thrived, I might expand my garden to include more fruits and vegetables.

I am happy to report that after three whole weeks, my garden is still alive! Hooray!!! Not only is it alive, but it is actually thriving. I the leaves are green and buds are appearing. And I’m pretty sure I also have seen a few strawberries begin to appear. I am a little proud of myself. My success has urged me to recommend that you all might try it out. If I can do it, I’m pretty sure that just about anyone can.

Just look at the pictures!

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