Mother’s Day Gift – candy tins

Today is our last day of our week long Mother’s Day Celebration! We have been having some fun putting together gifts and gadgets for those special women in our lives. This Mother’s Day is especially significant for me, because it is my very first one as a Mother and my mom’s first one as a Grandmother. So I have been trying to plan an extra special day for my Mom, Grandma, and Mother-in-law. Yesterday, we made Handprint Tiles with my niece Shelby for her mom and her Nana. They are getting ready to go back to Texas to visit her Nana for two weeks, so I couldn’t send her empty handed.

Today we are working on another fun and easy gift. We are making Mother’s Day Candy Tins. I am going to use these as a fun little favor for our family’s Mother’s Day celebration next Sunday. They are quick, easy, and very cheap to make. Surprise yourself, and create something amazing this Mother’s Day. I promise you’ll enjoy it.

Mother’s Day Candy Tins

Materials Needed:

  • Tin Can with a pop top
  • Can Opener
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Tissue paper
  • Decorative Cardstock
  • Pen
  • Scotch Tape
  • Bag of Candy
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Begin by opening up your can from the bottom, leaving your pop top in tact.

Once you’ve emptied the contents of your can, wash the inside and the lid with hot soapy water. Then dry your can and set aside.

Choose which type of candy you’d like to stuff your can with. Then fill your can up with the selected candy, leaving a 1/2″ space empty at the top.

Stuff a small amount of tissue paper in the top of your can to pack the contents tighter and shield the candy from glue.

Next, using your hot glue gun, apply a layer of glue along the edge of the entire lid. I didn’t get a picture if this step, because the glue dries too fast. Once you’ve applied your glue, reattach your lid to the can – resealing your can shut. Set can aside to dry.

While your glue is drying, cut a piece of card stock that is long enough to cover the surface of your tin can from top to bottom. The size will vary according to the size of the can. Using scotch tape, attach your card stock to the tin can, completely sealing the end shut.

Next, cut a small square piece of card stock, and write a fun Mother’s Day message on it. Attach it to the front of your can – opposite the side of the pull tab.

This step is optional, but I like to do this. Trace the circumference of your can onto your card stock and cut out the circle. Trim the edges down, so it will fit the top of you can. Then trim one edge down, so it can slide under the pull tab. When it is the perfect size, apply glue on the backside, and attach it to the top of your can.

Finally, cut a small piece of ribbon. Then attach it to the tip of your pull tab, by tying a bow. Congratulations, you have finished your very own pull top candy tin!


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