Easter celebration preparation

Easter is a little more than one week away – so let the countdown begin! I find myself behind the curve as usual. Some of my siblings will be out of town this year, so there will is very little help putting together our family celebration. This year we will have a smaller celebration, but I am excited because it is our first year as parents. Aaliyah is crawling, so she can participate a little.

Our Easter celebration will be taking place at my grandparents’ house as it did for years when I was a child. Their backyard is the perfect for setting for an Easter Egg Hunt. My siblings put on an Egg Hunt every year that is so much fun for the kids. Their organization is amazing. There is one aspect that I wanted to share with all of you, because I have always thought it was very clever. Most hunts are generally a free for all – and the biggest kids always end up with more eggs. Not quite as fair, right? Well, my sister elected to Color-Code our family Egg Hunt. Each cousin is designated to be a specific color. There are the same number of eggs for each color. So when the hunt begins, the each search for their specific eggs. The best parties, since we know which eggs each child is going to collect, we can put their favorite things inside of them. Pretty ingenious, right? Try it out. You might like it!

Everyone knows that the Easter Egg Hunt is for the kids. They have a blast, but what about the adults? To keep my parents, grandparents, siblings and friends entertained, we usually have a pseudo champagne brunch. Who doesn’t love to eat, right? So while my nieces and nephews hunt for their eggs, we all mill around and eat fruit and pastries. Now don’t forget to take pictures. These are very important. Usually my dad and my brother are our two family photographers. They seem to take the best pictures.

Usually most Easter celebrations end when all of the eggs are found, but not ours. We still have a bug family dinner. This year we are going to migrate to my parents’ house for that. Usually we’d stay at my grandparents’ house, but it’s starting to get to be a lot for my grandma. This is where some of my troubles lie. My mother and I have not yet figured out what is going to be on the menu. We know that Blackberry Cobbler is going to be our dessert. It’s our new family favorite at the moment. But everything else is still a mystery. Any ideas? What are some of your family favorites for Easter dinner? I’m always up for suggestions.

So this week will be busy. Lots of preparations to make and errands to run. Hopefully next week I will have some great pictures of our celebration to show and funny stories to go with them!

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