Mommy Project: Starting a vegetable garden

IMG_3755The latest gas hike and other economical issues we are facing have forced me to start thinking outside of the box for saving money.  Most methods like clipping coupons and things like that are just too time consuming and tedious.  And let’s face it, they aren’t very much fun at all.  And as impressed as I am with those extreme couponers – I lack the discipline to achieve those kind of savings.  I have finally discovered a solution in the form of a new Mommy Project.  I’m starting my own vegetable garden.

I was talking to a friend last week who just moved to Orange County recently about the local Farmers’ Markets.  She was looking for a good one, and unfortunately, I didn’t have an answer for her.  But it did get me thinking about how much I have been spending on produce at the market lately.  It’s been outrageous, especially since I have been cooking more regularly.  So I got inspired.  I thought what if I grew my own herbs and tomatoes.  It seemed like a great idea, because I make spaghetti sauce, chili, soup, and other stews regularly.  If I could keep all of those things on hand, it would be so beneficial.  And I am in favor of anything that eliminates my time in the supermarket.  Then I got inspired – what if I grew more vegetables?  And thus my latest Mommy Project was born.

I began by doing a little research.  I did some looking around online, just to see what vegetables are easiest to grow.  I need something that is really easy and difficult to kill, because I am not the most adept gardener.  So initially, I wanted to start an herb garden with Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, and Thyme.  Then I wanted to supplement it with tomatoes, bell peppers, jalepeno peppers, strawberries, and squash.  And if they seemed to thrive, then I would try to add some more vegetables my garden.  So my next challenge was figuring out how to grow a vegetable garden on the patio of our condo.  That’s right, I have to create a portable potted vegetable garden.  So I ran to the bookstore to see if anyone had done the work for me.  On a side note – there are several books on growing your own medicinal marijuana, but there are only two on balcony vegetable gardens.  But I got my book and took it home to read it.


So now that I have done my research, I couldn’t wait to get over to the nursery to get my supplies.  My mom is my wing man when it comes to most of my Mommy Projects.  If it weren’t for her, I probably wouldn’t ever get any of my projects finished.  So, with Aaliyah in tow, we toured the nursery and picked out all of our plants.  I opted to buy seedlings, because I wasn’t brave enough to grow my garden from seeds.  Plus I didn’t want to have to wait six months to reap the rewards of my garden.  My theory, if someone wants to do the hard part for me, then why not let them?

I used my special helper, Miss Shelby, to pot all of my seedlings.  She’s always eager to garden.  So she grabbed her special gardening gear and helped me mix all of my potting mix and compost.  We made a huge mess, but it was totally worth it.  We got all of our plants potted and watered with very little trouble.  All of the plants I chose need direct sunlight at least six hours a day, which is perfect for our hot California weather.  I am so proud of this project and I can’t wait to see my vegetables begin to bloom.  And I look forward to keeping up my garden so Aaliyah and I can take care of it together.  A special little mommy and me time project; Harvesting our Vegetables together. IMG_3753

Just some food for thought – try growing a few of your own vegetables.  Or even just an herb garden.  Try planting a few zesty herbs in a little planters box to keep on the windowsill in your kitchen.  An easy task that will keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

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