“Mama” registers on the baby scale

Last night my husband and I were hanging out in our bedroom with our daughter. We were just reviewing our days and discussing things that had happened during the past week. All while Aaliyah played quietly on our bed. It’s one of my favorite parts of each week. We were discussing what our schedule was for this weekend, when I realized we had a birthday party on the next day. In a panic I scrambled to figure out what type of present I needed to get for the birthday girl. It was almost eight o’clock and I was too tired to think.

I jumped out of bed and asked my husband if he could watch Aaliyah so I could run over to Target real quick. Most of you are probably wondering why I didn’t just wait until the morning to go. And I will tell you why – I knew that Aaliyah and I would still be up for at least another four hours. She hadn’t been going to bed before midnight for over three weeks now. Plus, my plan was to try to sleep in the next morning since George didn’t have to get up early for work. And by sleep in, I mean wake up at 9:30 rather than the usual 7:30. So I was grabbing my cell phone and my wallet, when Aaliyah came charging across the bed reaching out for me. And all of a sudden she says, “Ma Ma Ma.” That’s right, my Baby Girl finally said Mama. I was so excited, because it was so expected. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I scooped her up and gave her the biggest hug and a kiss. Even George was amazed.

After that, I realized I couldn’t leave her behind. She had just made my week! I took her with me on my trip to Target. Part of me was hoping she might say Mama again!

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