Decorating for Mother’s Day

I love decorating our house! It’s one of my favorite things to do. I love waking up and coming home to that’s festive and fun. So I try to decorate our house all year long. This year I decided to decorate for Mother’s Day, since this year is my first one as a mother. I really wanted to have fun with it, since May is usually a spare month in our hour. It’s usually bare until I start decorating for Memorial Day and our patriotic summer.

I have told you before that I love Subway Art. It is a fun and easy way to get festive. I found some links online to some really cute Mother’s day prints. It was so incredibly difficult to choose which ones to go with. I thought I would share all of them with you, so you can choose which ones you’d like to use to dress up your house. Like I have said in the past, just print them up and place them in a fun little picture frame.

Print Here

Print Here

Dollar Store Crafts Blog has some great links to quite a few Mother’s Day Subway Art printables. There are also some links to some cute and easy Mother’s Day cards. Check them out!

I also put together a couple of festive little Mother’s Day banners. My plain window banner I made out of paint swatches I picked up at Osh. It’s similar to the one I made for springtime. I also made a cute Mother’s Day Pennant for our living room table out of cardstock. I love hanging them around the house.

Decorate your house in honor of this amazing holiday. We all have special women in our lives. We should take the time to share our feelings and our love for for them. Decorating will help you get into the spirit and start feeling festive. Have fun!


Mommy Project Update – vegetable garden

Mommy Project – Vegetable Garden Update

On March 23, I shared with you that I was starting my own vegetable garden. I got bit by the gardening bug. My mother helped me pick out a bunch of seedlings, and I potted all of them in my pots. By that Friday afternoon, I had my potted patio vegetable garden assembled. I wasn’t under any illusions about my abilities to keep them alive. Although I was optimistic, I was a little cautious. I figured that if my initial seedlings thrived, I might expand my garden to include more fruits and vegetables.

I am happy to report that after three whole weeks, my garden is still alive! Hooray!!! Not only is it alive, but it is actually thriving. I the leaves are green and buds are appearing. And I’m pretty sure I also have seen a few strawberries begin to appear. I am a little proud of myself. My success has urged me to recommend that you all might try it out. If I can do it, I’m pretty sure that just about anyone can.

Just look at the pictures!

Mother’s Day Gift – candy tins

Today is our last day of our week long Mother’s Day Celebration! We have been having some fun putting together gifts and gadgets for those special women in our lives. This Mother’s Day is especially significant for me, because it is my very first one as a Mother and my mom’s first one as a Grandmother. So I have been trying to plan an extra special day for my Mom, Grandma, and Mother-in-law. Yesterday, we made Handprint Tiles with my niece Shelby for her mom and her Nana. They are getting ready to go back to Texas to visit her Nana for two weeks, so I couldn’t send her empty handed.

Today we are working on another fun and easy gift. We are making Mother’s Day Candy Tins. I am going to use these as a fun little favor for our family’s Mother’s Day celebration next Sunday. They are quick, easy, and very cheap to make. Surprise yourself, and create something amazing this Mother’s Day. I promise you’ll enjoy it.

Mother’s Day Candy Tins

Materials Needed:

  • Tin Can with a pop top
  • Can Opener
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Tissue paper
  • Decorative Cardstock
  • Pen
  • Scotch Tape
  • Bag of Candy
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Begin by opening up your can from the bottom, leaving your pop top in tact.

Once you’ve emptied the contents of your can, wash the inside and the lid with hot soapy water. Then dry your can and set aside.

Choose which type of candy you’d like to stuff your can with. Then fill your can up with the selected candy, leaving a 1/2″ space empty at the top.

Stuff a small amount of tissue paper in the top of your can to pack the contents tighter and shield the candy from glue.

Next, using your hot glue gun, apply a layer of glue along the edge of the entire lid. I didn’t get a picture if this step, because the glue dries too fast. Once you’ve applied your glue, reattach your lid to the can – resealing your can shut. Set can aside to dry.

While your glue is drying, cut a piece of card stock that is long enough to cover the surface of your tin can from top to bottom. The size will vary according to the size of the can. Using scotch tape, attach your card stock to the tin can, completely sealing the end shut.

Next, cut a small square piece of card stock, and write a fun Mother’s Day message on it. Attach it to the front of your can – opposite the side of the pull tab.

This step is optional, but I like to do this. Trace the circumference of your can onto your card stock and cut out the circle. Trim the edges down, so it will fit the top of you can. Then trim one edge down, so it can slide under the pull tab. When it is the perfect size, apply glue on the backside, and attach it to the top of your can.

Finally, cut a small piece of ribbon. Then attach it to the tip of your pull tab, by tying a bow. Congratulations, you have finished your very own pull top candy tin!


Decorating for spring

Now that Easter has come and gone, it’s time to change things up around the house. I love to keep the house decorated, because it keeps me cheery on my drab days. Unfortunately, it’s too soon for me to break out all of my patriotic stuff. So it’s time to improvise. Since I don’t have a garden, I don’t have flowers at my fingertips to keep around the house. It took me a little while to get inspired, but I finally came up with a few ideas.

The other day I stopped by our local hardware store to pick up a watering can, and I grabbed some paint swatches to make a garland to hang across our windows. They are the perfect size to make a garland, which eliminates all that cutting. So I picked out some fun pastels in pink, purple, blue, and green and brought them home to play with. And this is what I came up with. All I used were paint swatches, ribbon, scissors, and a hole punch. Now look how festive my windows are.

Then I used my favorite website Pinterest to find some cute spring themed Subway Art. I like to print them up and put them in large picture frames to hang around the house. I find that it’s a cheap and easy way to spruce things up. These are the ones I chose.

I found this one on the Smile Like You Mean It blog.

I hung this one in our kitchen. I found it in a blog called Today’s Fabulous Finds – Tomorrows Treasures

I am still working on an idea for a springtime decoration for our front door. I hate to have it bare. I like to have something that screams “Welcome to our home.” That will be my project for our Monday visit to see my brother. I just love projects!

Finger food experiment – Cheerios

I am going to be honest, I have been struggling with feeding Aaliyah solid foods. It’s been tough. We started off really strong with rice cereal and carrots. She seemed to know exactly what to do. And then I got sick. I had to go on antibiotics, which forced me to stop breastfeeding. So we tried introducing formula unsuccessfully. Long story short – I had to stop the antibiotics, because Aaliyah refused to eat. But ever since, she has turned her nose up at everything I have tried to feed her. Even the sweet stuff. So I scrapped the whole thing and decided to wait a little while. At least until the scars weren’t quite so fresh.

On her last doctor’s visit, Aaliyah’s pediatrician said it wasn’t all that uncommon for babies to skip puréed foods. She recommended skipping to finger foods that Aaliyah could feed herself. She thought that Aaliyah might be more receptive if she could feed herself. I have let this advice resonate a bit, because I just wasn’t sure. But my mom has been saying for a few weeks now, that I should try giving her Cheerios. She thought Aaliyah might like them.

Last night after dinner, I took a quick trip over to Target while my husband, Aaliyah, and Harley all took a nap. I couldn’t sleep. While I was wandering through the store, my mother’s advice popped into my head. And I thought to myself why not? So I grabbed a box of Cheerios and headed home.

This morning was filled with menial tasks – nothing special. While I was making some bread for dinner, I decided to try putting Aaliyah in her high chair and giving her some Cheerios. She just started at them at first. And then she began to play with them. But not long after that, she began putting them in her mouth. She missed a lot, but it was entertaining to watch. I had to take a video of it on my phone so I could send it to my mother. She was right, as usual. But I was amazed at how long she sat there. It must have been at least an hour. Maybe longer. I finished my bread and potted some more vegetables for our garden. I just kept moving her chair around to wherever I was.

I am excited that our first experiment was successful. I’ll have to try again tomorrow. Happy Sunday!