Dada wins! Aaliyah’s first words

I have really been enjoying the different phases that Aaliyah has been going through. My heart melted when she first began to coo. It was just the cutest thing. I laughed when she began to do her raspberries. I even got excited when she began her A-gah stage, because it meant that she was making progress. Secretly I have been patiently waiting for her to reach the point when she finally said Ma-Ma and Da-Da. And of course, despite all the warnings from the books, I was hoping she would say Ma-Ma first. Every mother does.

Unfortunately, she said Da-Da first. Now, I am okay with this, because she hasn’t officially said her first words yet. She is just making the Da-Da sound at the moment. The really funny thing is if you asked George what Aaliyah’s first word was, he’d tell you she said “Harley” at about 4 months old. He posted it on Facebook one night while I was at work. He seemed so excited about it, I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was a fool. So I kept that little tidbit to myself.

My little brother Cory also thought she said his name about a week before George said anything. He is convinced that her first word was Cory. Unlike with my husband, I have no problem telling Cory that he is wrong. I feel like its my sisterly duty.

So stay tuned. I will let you know what Aaliyah’s

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