Shelby’s Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Last month Little Miss Shelby turned four years old. According to her, that means she is a Big Kid now, because she is getting bigger. Cute, right? For us, this was a really special birthday, because it was going to be Shelby’s very first birthday here in California without her Nana and Papa. A big deal indeed. You see, Krystal and Shelby left Texas and moved to California last May to be here with my brother. So this was her first birthday experience with all of us here in California. So we wanted to do something fun for her.

Now birthdays have always been a big deal in our family. Not a single birthday ever passed without any notice. My mother was always great at making my brother and I feel special. And she still does to this day, even though we’re no longer kids.

Shelby picked out her own theme for the party – Hello Kitty. Which was funny, because according to Krystal, Shelby had never even heard of Hello Kitty before. But that was her pick, so we took the idea and ran with it! Krystal seemed super excited for Shelby’s birthday party too. And I love any opportunity to get creative. But this was undoubtedly my very first children’s birthday party and I knew next to nothing about Hello Kitty. So I needed a little help with some inspiration. And that’s where Pinterest came in. I had just recently been introduced to it by my sister-in-law, and had been using it as a creative resource. Now I recommend that all of you utilize this site as a tool, because it helped me so much more than Google did. All I did was do a search on Hello Kitty Parties, and tons of pins popped up for me to reference. And it was so helpful to see what ideas other people had already come up with.

Krystal and I put our heads together and tried to figure out what games and activities we could have at the party. A fairly difficult task at first. Then we decided on Pin the Tail on Hello Kitty, Hot Potato with a Hello Kitty Doll, Feed Hello Kitty Bean Bag Toss, and of course, a Hello Kitty Piñata. Plenty of fun for all of the kids.

Once all that was figured out, we moved on to decorations. Krystal picked out a bunch of cute things at the party store. And I ran with a few ideas I had see on Pinterest and some other sites. For about a month, every weekend Aaliyah and I would spend the day with Cory, Krystal, and Shelby; and work on decorations for the party. It was a lot of fun spending the time together. It’s nice to be silly with family. It keeps you young.

The few days leading up to the party were intense. Shelby kept doing the countdown to her party every single day. And then Krystal, my mom, and I started baking and preparing the treats for the party. We made chocolate dipped pretzels, marshmallows, and strawberries. YUM! We made Hello Kitty sugar cookie cutouts (that we were up till midnight the night before decorating). And we baked cupcakes and a Hello Kitty cake. We were really busy. But it was all worth it, when the day of the party rolled around. Just seeing Shelby’s face light up made it all so worth it.

This process was so much fun! I love to get creative and make things. And this was the perfect opportunity. Working with Krystal on this made me really excited about the future and planning Aaliyah’s birthday parties. My mom always made my parties special and I really look forward to doing the same for my Baby Girl.

Here are some pictures of our Hello Kitty Extravaganza! Enjoy!!!

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