The sanctity of grandma’s house

IMG_3898I write about family and family traditions a lot, because they are a huge deal for me. My family is very important to me. My family has grown exponentially over the past few years. It’s inevitable when you come from a blended family. But I love it. My brother and I grew up with a big extended family. We spent lots of weekends at our grandparents’ house playing in the backyard with our cousins. I have very fond memories of those days. It was such a magical time for all of us.

My grandmother used to grow boysenberries in the very back of her yard. My cousins and I all used to sneak back there to pick the berries off the vines and eat them. We all thought we were so sly, but we always got caught. During the hot summer months we spent more time at their house for barbecues and family gatherings. They set up a slip n slide for us to play with. We also played Boce Ball and Badmitton as we got older.

That’s me back in the 80s

My favorite memories are of our family gatherings at their house at the holidays – Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Everyone gathered around the table eating. Playing in the backyard all afternoon.

There is a lot of family history that has taken place in my grandparents’ backyard. So much, that I could not think of any better place for George and I to get married. So in May of 2008, George and I committed to spending our lives together my grandparents’ beautiful backyard. A beautiful day. One that I thought could never be surpassed in my memories. That was, until the day that my baby girl was born. But each time I visit my grandparents’ house, I am reminded of the hundreds of experiences I have had throughout my lifetime. My grandma and grandpa are the greatest role models – kind and loving. Married for 65 years. I cherish my time with them and I continue to make as many memories with them as I can.

Grandma’s house is a special place. We would all be very lucky to remember that.

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