Mommy Project: Weekly Baby Portraits

Babies grow and change so quickly. I didn’t think it was possible, but from one day to the next, my daughter is looking and acting differently. I keep seeing her childhood flash before my eyes. Just last week, I was waiting for her to officially crawl on all fours and this weeks she’s crawing, sitting up, and pulling herself up to a stand. Talk about a huge shocker! I get so excited for her to reach a new milestone, and she keeps blowing by them. It is for this reason, that I have created this Mommy Project. I call them Baby Portraits.

It’s so simple and easy. Especially these days, since every cell phone has a camera on it. You are already well equipped. Some mom’s document each month with a traditional monthly sign, but I feel like you need so many more pictures than just one. I do pictures with my Baby Girl every week. It gives us something to do while Daddy is at work and it gives me a chance to get creative. Another reason why I do these pictures every week, is because I send them out via text message or email to my parents, family, in-laws and friends to keep them updated on how Aaliyah is growing and changing. Plus, I feel like it makes people feel special and let’s them know we’re thinking about them. I also like to send them to my husband while he’s stuck at work. That way it reminds him why he gets up early everyday and puts in all those long hours.

Holiday Portraits: All of the holiday pictures are easy to figure out. Christmas = Santa Hats, Elf Shoes, Christmas Lights, and so on. Easter = Easter Baskets, Bunny Ears, and cute little outfits. Fourth of July = Uncle Sam Beard, Bathing Suits, and American Flags. You get the idea. Anything goes. That’s the best part about this project – you get to take the idea and run with it. I have included some of the holiday pictures that I have done so far with my Baby Girl, so you get the picture. Literally!

But not every week has a holiday for you to exploit for inspiration. So this is where the fun begins. I love using props to get the ball rolling. Things like hats, sunglasses, mustaches, jewelry, stuffed animals, etc. The sky is the limit. Sometimes I just sit around dreaming up ideas for our little photo shoots. During this time, I also like to take some video with my phone as well. I save them on my computer for the ultimate Year One Mommy Project. We’ll discuss that at a later date. But the bottom line for these Baby Portraits is have fun with it. And embrace the moment while you’re in it, because it goes by so fast. Enjoy the moment while you’re making the memories. There is no getting this time back. You’ll be glad ten or fifteen years down the road when you can look back on them.

And if you have any cool ideas, please share them! I am always looking for new ideas for my picture sessions. Sometimes a new idea is difficult to come by in the moment. And feel free to share your photos too! I’d love to see them!!! Happy picture taking.

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