A Daddy’s Legacy

IMG_2374So far I have gone on and on about my transformation from an Auntie to a Mommy, like I’m the only one going through changes. When the truth is, lots of lives have changed since Aaliyah was born. My husband’s life has changed almost as much as mine has. And I do mean almost as much. That wasn’t a slip of the tongue. And like me, there are things that he really looks forward to sharing with our daughter. One of his greatest wishes is to introduce Aaliyah to the wonderful world of dirt bikes and quads. He’s been taking about getting her a little starter quad since I was about 5 months pregnant. And he gets so excited when he talks about it. It’s kind of cute.

IMG_2319So this weekend, we took Aaliyah out to Glamis for the very first time. Her Dad’s favorite place to go. It wasn’t only her first trip, but it was also her Grandma and Grandpa Angel’s first trip too! A huge milestone for all of us. Aaliyah was a little too young to really enjoy herself, seeing that she is only 2 1/2 months old. But we did discover that she travels well and can survive camping out in the desert. And as a bonus, my parents loved being out there as well. So it looks like we’ll have some company out on our future trips! The weather was beautiful, and we spent most of our time hanging out on Grandpa’s patio listening to his playlists.


IMG_2353George did most of the riding, but Aaliyah did get to sit in the RZR for a bit. She wasn’t quite old enough to go for a ride just yet. But you’d never know it listening to her dad. He’s already seriously talking about the Quad he wants to buy her when she’s two. It’s cute. We even got Grandma and Grandpa Angel to go riding through the dunes in the RZR. John even went through the big dunes over to Olds and on over to Ghecko. I think he really enjoyed it!

It was a very peaceful first trip. Aaliyah loved hanging out with her grandma and grandpa. And George and I loved having some family out there. I think that we are going to have to continue the tradition, especially since Aaliyah enjoyed herself so much. Looks like we might be making another trip for New Years! So thank you Grandma and Grandpa for making Aaliyah’s first trip to the sandbox a great one!!IMG_2334


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