Garcia Family Cookbook


Family Traditions help shape the people children become. They make a huge impression on us as children. Sometimes a greater impact than parents think. Some of my best and worst memories from childhood are related to the foods my family ate growing up. From the vegetables I refused to eat each night at dinner because I hated them so much; to the traditional Turnbull Family recipes we had at Christmas each year that I loved. All have become a part of who I am as an adult. For instance, to this day, I refuse to shop in the freezer aisle for vegetables for our dinner. And don’t even say Lima beans, because I might actually gag. But on a more positive note, I still look forward to Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner with my family every year. Because they are the only time I get to eat my grandmother’s stuffing and homemade blackberry pie.

These experiences have imprinted themselves on me. And for this reason, I have decided to create a Garcia Family Cookbook. A method for documenting mine and George’s family recipes as well as recipes of our own. All for the purpose of passing them down to our children and grandchildren. A tangible method of keeping our traditions alive. At least the edible ones anyway.

So as a part of my Mommy Identity, I have chosen to be a mom who makes home cooked meals as often as possible. I choose to make dinner time in the Garcia house a special one each night. I look forward to developing a long list of meals that my family loves to eat. In order to do so, I will be testing out several new recipes in an effort to find the best ones for us. And you all will benefit from them. As I expand our family cookbook, I will share my recipes with you in an attempt to help you expand yours as well.

Happy Baking!

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