Developing my “Mommy Identity”

Becoming a mom has taken on a life of it’s own. Everyone always says you won’t quite understand until you have your first child, and I can honestly say that is true. I certainly didn’t. But here I am, amidst the chaos of new motherhood, and I have chosen to embrace this transformation. My first challenge was making it through the sleepless nights. Once I made that adjustment, everything else came naturally. Then it came time to develop my “mommy identity.” Who I wanted to be as a mom. It may sound weird, but I had to develop some ideals a mission statement of sorts.

So here is my promise as a transitioning mommy: I will develop weekly goals for me to accomplish both with and without my daughter. My husband and I will create our own Garcia family traditions to be incorporated with our own childhood family traditions. As a part of the family traditions, I will be develop a Garcia Family Cookbook that I can pass on to my children and the generations to come. I will try new kid and family friendly activities, because my husband and I are new to the scene. I will also challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone and try new methods of learning and growing as a person and mother. So be on the look out for the new additions to each of these areas as I attempt to develop my Mommy Identity. Some things I will excel at, while others I will fail miserably. But as I try on these new things, I challenge you to do the same as you develop your new Mommy Identities. And it’s never too late to change your Mommy Mission Statement. It is a work in progress.

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